At MittelCo we offer a 360-degree business solution for sales and distribution, marketing, logistics services and brand management services in the realm of premium FMCG brands.

About us

We have a 30 years old tradition in the Adriatic region. Our professional team with wide knowledge & experience in sales and marketing is spread over 12 countries.
Want to know more about us? We would be delighted in helping you or your product expanding on new markets. Just leave us your details and we will contact you soon.

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We are dedicated to reliable distribution of wide range of recognized FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods). As a renovated distributor and supplier, we continually invest in innovation and new product development.

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Since 1993, MittelCo S.r.l. is an import, export & marketing-oriented company, specialized in sales and distribution of branded Fast Moving Consumer Goods. We provide brands in each category a customized route to market solution, based on each brand ‘s specific needs and ambitions. Professional team with extended knowledge in sales, marketing and logistics offers you a 360˙ service.

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